Lead the Way with Clear Directional Signage

Directional and wayfinding signage uses text and graphics presented in a clear and well-designed format to guide people within buildings, across campuses, through carparks and along trails. As the name suggests, it helps them find their way. These signs may also be used to advertise, display, warn, identify and inform people of a particular message.

Directional signage usually consists of a single flat panel with text and graphic images. Citywide Signs & Neon is able to manufacture the signs to comply with local laws and Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) standards with the correct use of text, symbols, braille, sign materials and colours. Good directional signage will make your building or space accessible to everyone.

Directional signage

We have experience manufacturing wayfinding signs to complement a building’s unique architecture and the surrounding environment.

Benefits of Directional Signage

  • Facilitate easy wayfinding
  • Improve traffic flow
  • Control parking
  • Enhance your architecture

Directional Signage Applications

Wayfinding and directional signs are commonly used in these locations:

  • Shopping centres and shopping strips
  • University and TAFE campuses
  • Office complexes
  • Stadiums, arenas and conference centres
  • Sports precincts and aquatic centres
  • Community directory boards
  • Hospitals, medical centres and precincts
  • Airports
  • Car parks and public conveniences
Directional and Wayfinding

Why your Establishment needs Citywide Signs

With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Citywide Signs & Neon is best placed to guide you through the production of your standard or customised directional signage to effectively meet wayfinding requirements. We will support your brand with well-placed and well-designed directional signs made to your specifications.

Decoration of Signs

We can bring attention to your branding while enhancing wayfinding with the use of:

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