Tower Above your Competitors with a Pylon Sign

On a busy highway or a street with fast-moving traffic, it’s important for customers to be able to see the location of your business as they approach in the distance. A pylon sign is the perfect solution for improving the visibility of your business and bringing in more customers.

What is the difference between a pylon and monolith sign? Generally speaking, the main difference is how high the signage sits off the ground. A pylon sign has a single support pole or a double support pole and tends to be suspended higher in the air. A monolith sign has little or no visible support and can be totally cladded.

Monoliths and Pylons

Pylon and monolith signs are used for advertising, directional signage and many other purposes. When choosing between a pylon sign and a monolith sign, think about whether the signage needs to be seen from a fair distance – it will therefore be beneficial for your business to have it suspended at a greater height.

Create a Pylon Sign with Impact

Citywide Signs & Neon has the capability to produce professional-looking and eye-catching pylon and monolith signage to impress potential clients. Our signs create a street presence and therefore add value to your business.

We design and custom-make pylon and monolith signage to suit your requirements.

A pylon or monolith sign can incorporate many elements to maximise visual impact including:

Our pylon sign projects are freestanding with concrete ground foundations for support. They are manufactured with either a single support pole or double support poles and often require a steel structure to support components such as light boxes and non-illuminated panels.

Uses for a Pylon Sign

A pylon sign can be used for business branding and directional signage purposes at site entrances for establishments such as:

  • Shopping centres
  • Hotel resorts
  • Stadiums and sportsgrounds
  • Public buildings
  • Corporate offices
  • Factory sites

Uses for a Monolith Sign

Pylon sign

Many businesses, shopping centres and hotel resorts have a monolith sign that sits closer to the ground to complement their pylon sign. Having both types of signs enables customers to see the business branding and entrance up close and from a distance.

Contact the Experts

Citywide Signs & Neon will guide you through the design concepts, construction drawings, engineer’s certificates, Council approvals, as well as connection and service of your pylon or monolith sign. Talk to us today on 03 9357 0570 or contact us online to discuss your requirements.

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