Make a Long-Lasting Impression with 2pac Retail Signage

Utilise the eye-catching colours of a 2pac spray finish for your retail or corporate signage. Basically, 2pac (or 2-pack) spray consists of a tin of polyurethane paint and a tin of hardener. These are mixed together to form a two-part solution.

2pac Spray Finishing

This system of spray finishing originated in the automotive industry and is now used as a finish for kitchen cabinetry, furniture and signage manufacturing. In a 2-pack kitchen, the face and edges of the kitchen doors, drawers and end panels are painted with the 2-pack combination to take advantage of its exceptional finish and strength.

At Citywide Signs & Neon our qualified and experienced in-house spray-painting team is able to apply a 2pac finish to many of our custom signage products such as illuminated signs, 3D signage, and monolith and pylon sign solutions.

The Benefits of a 2Pac Spray Finish

A 2pac spray finish has the advantage of longevity and protection from the elements.

The polyurethane paint and hardener combine to result in a much harder finish than cellulose paints, therefore the result is very durable.

A 2pac spray finish will resist the damaging effects of acid rain and harsh sunlight. Rather than appearing dull and weathered after continual exposure to the elements, your retail or corporate signage should look fresh, bright and new for longer.

In addition, polyurethane is more concentrated than cellulose paints. It contains just a fraction of the thinners used in cellulose paints, which cuts down on wastage and excess chemical use.

2pac Spray Finishing

Citywide Signs & Neon offers 2pac spray finishes in high gloss, satin, matte and metallic for a range of custom signs.

Spray-Finish Signage

Get a durable, professional-looking finish for your corporate or retail signage with 2pac spray paint. Phone Citywide Signs & Neon on 03 9357 0570 or contact us online.

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